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This is an album that came together following the Japan Sound Portrait tour in April 2015, with new tracks having been shared and worked on together during that trip by the 3 members of Praise Function Recordings: Neil Cantwell, Akinobu Tatsumi and Koichi Yuasa. The choice of music is designed to reflect the atmosphere and feeling of the time we've spent together over the years, also hopefully representing something of the unique character of Kyushu. So it's quite a personal Japan Sound Portrait, but one that hopefully everyone can enjoy...

1. TA2MI - Mystery Hip-Hop

2. intoroniq - Mtoniq

3. shinekosei - eleventh

4. beat11 ft. TA2MI - Adage

5. TA2MI - Shandao Music

6. shinekosei - announce

7. shinekosei - reverse

8. intoroniq - Wtoniq

9. TA2MI - Dusk ft. Dumbo crow

10. shinekosei - everything wants to be useful


released August 30, 2015

Mastered by amoeba.av