Antagata Dokosa | Where Are You From?

by TA2MI

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A year ago today we were holding a Japan Sound Portrait event at the Denkikan cinema in Kumamoto.

A week ago today a series of earthquakes began occuring in the region of Kumamoto.

Therefore obviously we have been very worried about all the people who were helping us on this day a year ago - thankfully they all seem to be safe. Mr and Mrs Iitomi, who joined us recently in Cambridge, spent a few days in an evacuation shelter, and then just yesterday our constant companion on last year's trip, Tatsumi, re-appeared online announcing he was planning to start receiving and transporting donations to the worst affected areas, where people are still in emergency situations.

If we weren't halfway across the world then we would want to be there helping too, but perhaps the best we can do is attempt to bring together the resources of people like us outside of Japan who may wish to donate to help. You can do so through purchasing the track available above, which is Tatsumi beatboxing a traditional children's song from Kumamoto - we recorded him performing it in the grounds of Kumamoto Castle. All proceeds will be sent directly to Tatsumi for purchasing the items that people are in need of.


released April 20, 2016